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An entrepreneur is sometimes a dreamer whose projects out of the ordinary. Rudolf Feller and his associate François Pina fall into this category (his partner is co-author of patents at Thales in the field of aeronautics).

"I love watching the space and I dreamed of being able to a remote telescope to easily exceed the cloud layer. So I learned about the solutions and I found the nano-satellites (satellites under less than 10 kg) that could easily carry a small camera, "says Rudolf Feller with passion.

In October 2014, it falls on a call to NASA projects with his friend and partner and carries a seven-page document on the project. This attracts the attention of NASA and he was invited to a discussion seminar on nano-satellites only two weeks after sending his project.

"The project is technically viable but financially it is still high (at least 200 000 euros by sending nanosatellite and requires many agreements for platforms of items). I think that in 4-5 years we can achieve such a project. in the meantime I wondered how to stage this passion and make it fun, so I decided to create with my partner a company based on games and the world of space. "

"So I developed a game (Dark Agent) which theme revolves around espionage and surveillance from space. I made a version of the online game. After a few weeks, the result is that more than 30 nationalities already playing online, on desktop and mobile version. "

Rudolf Feller has worked in particular on video games Corsairs games at Microids / Anuman and A-Train at Atari / Infogrames. He also worked for lotteries online at Editec UK with the introduction of print systems worldwide.

In December 2015, the two partners decided to launch and create Space Reindeers. But their ambitions go beyond the online game; beginning in February 2016 they will open a participatory funding to commercialize a physical version of Agent Dark board game.

 "() Our ambition is to harvest a first level of 50,000 dollars compared to what is already done for Serious Poulp (French company): they asked the same amount for a game and have reaped $ 1.2 million . For us the future is built at the crossroads of games and space. "