January 2016

SPACE REINDEERS : crowdfunding setup on three different platforms : kickstarter, kisskissbankbank, and ulule chosen according to connected players countries to Darkagent

December 2015

SPACE REINDEERS : the company has now official existence. Start of crowdfunding design for physical game publication. Darkagent is accessible on line http://en.boardgamearena.com/#!gamepanel?game=darkagent

November 2015

DARK AGENT : Game box design mock-up ready. Game published 19th on boardarena.com

May-October 2015

DARK AGENT : Game development and test for virtual boardgamearena.com publication and free players access

April 2015

DARK AGENT : Strategic Board game based on satellite management. Will help to starting Space Reindeers company funding.

PANTHEON : very beginning of Nanosat and Mobile phones game development

March 2015

Space Reindeers Company statuts draft released

Meeting with President of CNES Spinoff for combined business growth analysis

Meeting with Space System Engineers for satellite integration projection

February 2015

Meeting with President of CNES Spinoff

Meeting with Head of Intellectual Property Dpt

Call conference with Head of regional Space Programs

January 2015


 Company presentation to Head of Digital Marketing Dpt

Company presentation to innovation, research and space industry Cabinet to confirm market projections

November 2014

Space Game Concept presentation at Caltech

Space Game concept submission for Cubesat Workshop Mission to Mars