We were fortunate last year to be at Cubsat Workshop 2014 organized by NASA, where we presented a space regatta project amplified by augmented reality and interactive game play. Along with other projects using (true) satellites that we still keep secret.

They require large investments, and the chairman of the company decided to start communicating on a part of the company universe : game and satellites.

Space Reindeer's do it through this board game : Dark Agent, a strategic and original secret services game with highly refined gameplay.

Initially planned beginning of March. the campaign has been shifted to satisfy the maximum number of players and make improvements.


The Dark Agent game

Players take the role of secret services of nations attempting to eradicate a terrorist threat, an organization known as the UTE. UTE is led by Kara, a fighter whose life was a living hell.

Kara wants to control the world today. The choice no longer exists, she must be eliminated or she will destroy our way of life.

Her organization has already infiltrated strategic areas: nuclear submarine, space control center, virology laboratory and the United Nations whose senior official was kidnapped.


You will have to secure these places and deliver the hostage.

You do not know who to trust, secret services are forced to act underground, like terrorists do.

Infiltrators may be among your own services.

To act underground, it will make the best use of space surveillance satellites to locate agents, targets, tactical or strategic places and control the operations.


Who is the Dark Agent ?

The story of Kara is coming soon ;)

Game board